31 July 2014

you can wear my jacket

I dropped off some new stock at Cloak & Dagger in Claremont including this denim tartan-lined bomber jacket that I found it quite hard to let go of to be honest x

23 July 2014

wednesday, heart-attack

working on some Wednesday Addams-inspired commissions x obv had to make a moodboard for inspiration aka procrastination

22 July 2014

tweets | watermelon meat

follow @watermelonmeat to satisfy the angsty teen inside of you x

18 July 2014

of interest | 18 July '14

It'd be pretty embarrassing to not know what music, fash, and LIFE stuff is relevant right now, wouldn't it? Well good for you 'cos The Relevant Blog just got a handsome revamp and is here to help. Look, it's my boob and jacket!
I'm making more of these now now x

The Drums are one of my favourite bands eVerRrrR but I feel unsure about their new song Magic Mountain. They had a party for their new album 'Encyclopedia' (release date: September 23rd) that featured a listening station made of 12 altered encyclopedia volumes (one for each track) which looked extremely hip and cute.

I came across an excellent weekly advice column that so far has covered everything from break-ups to dealing with putting your dog down to suicidal thoughts to bullying. Written by Andrew W.K., who has a really long Wikipedia page for someone I'd never heard of, readers' questions are answered in this really genuine, sweet and wise manner. Each post is also accompanied by a bizarre image of this Andrew dude who got famous for making an apparently viral song in 2001 called 'Party Hard' and then went on to become a motivational speaker amongst other things. If you want to get to know Andrew W.K. a little more here's a Nardwuar interview with him in which Andrew plays a bit of keytar shows off his talent for scratching his forehead in this one particular spot to make blood appear.
@arzE aka Ezra Koenig aka Vampire Weekend's mr lead-singer man is one of the best people on Twitter 'cos 1 he is hella funny 2 he chats to fans all the time, go on and try your luck too why don't you, and 3 one time he posted this sweet poem he wrote:
Don't you love it when people upload music mixes for you to download? It's so kind! Download '&then he kissed me III' for a nice selection of songs, for which I made some album art 'cos 1 being a creep is a full-time job and 2 look how handsome this guy is?!
a collection of poems by Daniel Alexander called 'slime dog you are my friend' that you can read for free online quick sticks and feel cultured in an interest-y way
I can't stop listening to the new releases from Gateway Drugs and Beatenberg (granted I only listen to the first minute and a half of Beatenberg's Rafael over and over 'cos I haven't figured out how to buy stuff on iTunes yet...stop being so fancy, guys!). Hear Give Me Your Love here (buy it here), and if you're better at the internet than me then well done whatever though no need to go on about it just go buy Rafael off iTunes here.
 Of the Fall Couture shows I liked Elie Saab and Valentino's gown-that-make-a-girl-wanna-get-married, Viktor & Rolf's 20 Ways To Tie A Red Towel Around Your Body In A Chic Way, and Maison Martin Margiela's Oriental-Gypsy thang. See the rest of the shows on
someone to follow on instagram: @kajualjones for her very lekker collage-y / double exposure-y pictures

16 July 2014

this week | road trip

I just got back from my first road trip! I thought I'd been on a few before (I'd even made special road trip-themed mixes) but my well-travelled companions laughed at me when I described the 5 hour 'road trips' I'd made in the past. Two weeks of being squashed in the back-seat, eating Wimpy, rhino-spotting, and nearly passing away in my sleep from mild hypothermia while we slept in a wendy house in a game reserve was The Best but I'm happy to be back in the city/with cellphone reception again (I guess.)
Cows in the Eastern Cape are just like you and I: they love chillin' in the road and on the beach with their pals. Some of them are also kak ugly, like, I didn't know they made cows that hideous. This was one of the more handsome ones
Sleeping dog at 'Away With The Fairies' in Hogsback where I once asked a member of staff why the plug point for the kettle wasn't working and she responded, quite seriously, "Oh dear, a naughty pixie must have meddled with it in the night," and that was that. I went without my cup of tea.
In Grahamstown we popped in to the South African Institute For Aquatic Biodiversity to see their coelacanth...
...this hella creepy looking fish that is described as 'a living fossil' (not this one though, this one is dead). I have little to no interest in fish but coelacanths are SUPER INTERESTING, just look here!
a lot of new friends were made along the way
We missed the Grahamstown Festival by two days because we are berks, but hey at least we got to meet the coelacanth. 
I had way more photos but my camera was extremely bitchy and destroyed one of my rolls of film; that's what I get for trying to be hip I guess :(

24 June 2014

tweets | drop it like it's vrot

I think that last one is one of the best things I've ever read x

23 June 2014

playlist | Your Favourite Female Vocalist

I would never put 'Female Vocalist' in my list of favourite genres but every now and then a commercial pop ballad comes through that I can't help but have feelings for. Remember when Adele's 'Someone Like You' came out? I wanted to marry that song (but I settled for learning it on piano and gathering my friends 'round to sing it with me, like a real cooldude).

This is a playlist for people like me who forget how much they enjoy Alicia Keys until they hear a song of hers by chance on the radio (and then forget to ever listen to her again), for those who would never describe themselves as a Leona Lewis fan but man, those two songs of hers are super good, and for those who find that new Nicki Minaj song, well, just plain beautiful. It's a collection of my guilty pleasures, all sung by strong and independent women and all amazing to sing along to when alone. Always when alone. I mean, have some dignity; no one deserves to witness you trying to hit that high reprise bit in We Belong Together.

featuring old and new favourites by Alicia Keys, Mary J Blige, Diane Birch, and Beyonce (duh).

20 June 2014

of interest | 20 June '14

I feel quite ill when I see 'Spring 2015' written out; two thousand and fifteen, I mean really. Of the mens shows I loved Moschino's continuation of their junkfood theme, and Bobby Abley's Little Mermaid-inspired prints (also his models, very swoony)
Remember when Garden State came out (TEN YEARS AGO NOW BTW) and everyone freaked out for the soundtrack? Well, good news for those who are growing tired of New Slang and are ready for Zach Braff's next OST 'cos his new film Wish I Was Here is coming out soon. The track listing has been released and is in the same vein as Garden State's; hugely appealing to the 15 year old indie rock enthusiast inside of me.
Lazy Oaf released their Space Oddity range which is perfect as usual.

Maybe this makes me a bad Fashion Person but sometimes I enjoy looking at Tommy Ton's street style photos more than the collections.
 (ooh it's my dinosaur denim jacket on Glamour's street style section! Photo by Nash Mariah)
lekker collages on instagram by @hollibennett @mickaelmichaelides and @tay.ok

Thor Rixon released his second EP and the crowd just went wild. Check out the video for the crazy catchy Misery Belle here and stream the whole goddamn album (Tea Time Favourites!) here. Katja Marr had what looked like the funnest day/shoot ever with him. I only put up the photos where he's wearing Puppy Club 'cos obv I'm obsessed with myself but you can check out the rest of the shoot on Katja's beautiful website.
I feel Facebook needs to add a new option for RSVP-ing to events
Print-maker/painter Edward Hopper drew this Little Boy Looking at the Sea on his school report card when in 1891 he was NINE YEARS OLD. Can you even colour in the lines when you're 9?! (via The QI Elves, a nice Twitter account to follow for 'quite interesting stuff')
Last week both Assembly Radio and our show Puppy Club Radio got a revamp. Assembly Radio have a shiny new website ( and we renamed ourselves: HEY, BABY RADIO. Nothing has changed except for the name and we're just better now, it happens, deal with it. Here's last week's episode:

Follow us on MixCloud if you're busy on Tuesdays between 12 - 2pm

19 June 2014

this week | know thy worth

don't you hate it when you go up to a dog like "hello mr cutie!!" and make to tickle their tummy and they just totally block you? It's very embarrassing. This guy was not into making friends with me but I still followed his instagram: @vespatheseal | I took a walk through Company Gardens and came across an angel amongst the roses | C is for Very Cute

Jo'Burg (the club on Long Street, not the city) is one of the most underrated clubs in Cape Town. I've only ever gone there after 3am when everything else is closed but this weekend we gave it the glory it deserves and made it our main destination. I only just noticed the 'Know Your Worth' written in lights above the dancefloor | do what you will | I went to the Jive Funny Festival this week at the Baxter Theatre, home of the most iconic ceiling in Cape Town.

The Cape Town Fire Station I walk past every morning | I found this photo taken a while ago by Marnus Meyer of a blonde babe wearing a Puppy Club bikini, nice nuh

17 June 2014

playlist | walking on the moon

Every week Channel24 posts a playlist made by "a local music aficionado/band". They asked me to make one so I put together all my favourite dance-y / feel-good songs of the moment.
It embodies that feeling you get on a Friday that also happens to be pay-day. This playlist blends urban pop with underground mellow tracks that will keep your toes tapping for a while after you’ve heard it. Needless to say, we can’t get enough of it. 

stream it online here / read Channel24's nice write-up here 

10 June 2014

tweets | *comes back smelling like braai*

30 May 2014

puppy club | denim jacket

 My first batch of jackets are now for sale at Cloak & Dagger in Claremont, yay! 
I made this one for me; made of this amazing soft denim and lined with the last of my dinosaur-print fabric. Possibly my most favourite thing I've ever made x

28 May 2014

silhouette / Southbank

Do you keep getting beautiful Moleskine journals as gifts and don't know what to fill them with? Well, - wait, you do? Geez, you have larney friends. I have received two that I stick receipts / ticket stubs / any special 2D things that have no other place in my life into. 
Once I was walking down the Southbank and a man stopped me and offered to make me something. I was about to decline when he saw my hesitation and, recognising me as a cheap-skate, added "for free". I stood in profile to him for a few minutes while he did something with a bit of black paper and scissors. He presented me with this silhouette portrait which is surprisingly unflattering (how do you manage to make the mere shadow of a neck look so fat?) but it's so unusual and sweet!

27 May 2014

playlist | I'll send you a postcard

I was suspicious of these shoes: they were very cheap, there was only one pair, plus the box had a rough-ish just-fell-off-the-back-of-a-truck kinda look to it but, hey, I've been looking for a pair just like this so I bought the blue/white/pink cuties. I wore them today and had that Beyonce song 'New Shoes stuck in my head all day. This is such an underrated and often forgotten song but is definitely one of the greatest "Hey, Fuck You" break-up songs. In fact she's got three songs that dominate this category, listen and feel sassy/empowered:

book club | The Prostate Years

I had promised myself I would read at least two books a month this year. I did a mental count the other all the Jodi Picoult/chick-lit trash has left me in the minus figures ('cos those are bad and count against you). I've gotten back on track and read Adrian Mole: The Prostate Years last week. I guess some would say Sue Townsend is just as trashy, but to that I'd say um, rude, she just died, have some respect. Man, I loved this book. I laughed out loud throughout (my housemates kept coming in to check on me) and sadly finished it really quickly (and began Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction).

Adrian's descriptions of the world and it's people just kill me:

"She is a Faberge egg that you have boiled for four minutes and eaten for your breakfast"

"She was parked illegally in a Mazda that had been sprayed a shade of green that was new to nature's palette"

(On meeting Princess Anne) "She has a remarkably equine face. I was tempted to give her a lump of sugar"

"We Moles bide our time, but when our wrath is directed at you its force is devastating. The woman in the Spar shop who short-changed my mother had to move to the next village"


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